Update the Look of Your Home with These Simple Changes

If you’re feeling like your house is a little dull, maybe a little dated and needs some updating, let’s talk. There are lots of easy and inexpensive ways to update and brighten your space.

Paint an accent wall in one of the beautiful and popular shades of green. Try taking all your all of your wall art down and regroup it and put it back up in different rooms. Add a large mirror to a blank wall to add depth and extra light. Try lighting some of your better art pieces for a gallery effect.
If you hardwood floors are aged and distressed, paint a rug on them. There are lots of great examples online. This looks especially good in a home with a vintage feel. A bold printed rug, strategically placed to define a seating or dining area can bring a whole new dimension to the room. If you can replace flooring there are beautiful new wood grain tiles and lots of new hardwood options.
Replace tired pillows with some new colors and textures. Think out of the box and pick a new complementary color or two to make the space look new. It’s fun to head out to the thrift store to find accents from the home. Go on a treasure hunt and try to find a candelabra, a clock, a vase or an object that we can repurpose or paint so that it goes perfectly with our design. Try decorating a lampshade with beads, fabric or paint to match your new d├ęcor. Small touches work together to create big impact.
For a big window hang three panels with a wide vertical stripe and leave a space in between the middle and outer panels. Hang curtains from the ceiling to the floor to create a dramatic look and soften the room. Switch to roman shades for small bathroom or kitchen window so that you don’t obstruct your view. You can make a faux canopy by hanging curtains with a half round rod for the valance and regular panels behind a little girl’s bed.
Most homes have out dated light fixtures somewhere. Tired light fixed make a home look old. Replace those old light fixtures with new modern ones. Think about adding sconces in the master suite or in the dining room. Chandeliers are extremely popular right now and add touch of elegance to any space.

Enjoy refreshing your home and making it feel new again. It’s great to renew our space so that we can enjoy it at its best.