Time to replace your door? Where to start?

Replacing your home’s front door can have a dramatic effect on curb appeal, and it can also dress up the front entryway from the interior of the home. There are numerous styles of front doors to choose from, and each will impact the home’s d├ęcor in different ways. The door that you select can also affect security, energy efficiency and even lighting inside the home. After you have decided to replace the front door, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that you make a great selection.

Review the Front Door Styles
Before you review the front door options, you likely will establish a budget for your project. The front door itself may cost several hundred dollars, and some models may cost several thousand dollars or more. You should allow money for the hardware, the lighting around the door and other aspects of the entryway that you want to replace as well as for contractors’ fees. Then, you can review the front door styles that are priced within a suitable level for your budget. Focus on the differences between materials options, such as wood or metal doors. In addition, consider if you want to have lighting through the door, privacy from prying eyes or a combination of both. Windows placed at the top of the door or in an inlay over the door can allow lighting without impacting privacy. In addition, frosted or glazed windows can also have a similar effect. Choose a style that corresponds well with your home’s interior and exterior because this prominent feature will be visible from both areas.

Speak With a Contractor About the Best Options
Before you make a final decision about which door to purchase, a smart idea is to speak with a contractor about the right size and shape for the door. Some may have plans to replace a small, single-frame door with a double-frame door with glass inlays surrounding both sides and the top. This type of change may require structural changes to the home, and your contractor can let you know more about the scope of the work that will be required. You can also get more accurate information about contractors’ fees by taking this step, and this can guide your decision.

Replacing your home’s front door is a wonderful step to take, and it can have an incredible effect on your home in many ways. This is a true investment that will add value to the home, and it also will likely remain in place for most or all of the rest of the time you are in the home. With this in mind, it is important to take your time shopping for the right front door and to make a selection that will add graceful style and value to your home.