Think you Don’t Need a Security System? Think Again

If you’ve considered installing a home security system, then you’re like millions of others. The problem is that many homeowners think about it but never actually pay to have a security system installed.

Some homeowners believe they don’t really need one. The reality is that a security system is more important now than it has ever been. Each year, millions of home burglaries take place. From these burglaries, homeowners and business owners lose billions of dollars in property.

In many cases, insurance companies are stuck covering the losses. When you consider these alarming statistics, the installation of a security system probably seems like a great idea.

Why You Need a Security System

One of the most important reasons is to deter crime. It really doesn’t matter where you live; crime is just around the corner. Statistics show that crimeless neighborhoods just don’t exist.

Burglary is a far bigger problem in some areas than others, but you have no way to know if you’re about to become a victim. A security system helps to deter crime. Studies show that a security system really does deter criminals from entering your home or business.

The average burglar spends less than one minute making entry into a home or business. Any improvements that you can make that will greatly increase the difficulty of entering your home or business will deter criminals.

Research shows that most burglars are likely to leave if they encounter an alarm system after entering a home. It’s important to understand that many burglaries are crimes of opportunity. In other words, thieves are looking for easy targets, which are homes and businesses that lack a security system.

Prevent Fire and Smoke Damage

A security system can provide protection from these damages. Virtually all modern security systems are equipped with smoke, fire and carbon monoxide sensors.

This technology has the potential to save the lives of family members, but it can also reduce overall damage to your home or business if a fire occurs.

Every year, fire fighters respond to hundreds of thousands of fires, and in many cases, the damage caused by these events could’ve been reduced if a security system had been installed beforehand.

Remote Control over Your Home or Business

A security system is great for deterring burglars and prevents fire damage, but it can also give you remote control over your home or business.

If you own a home, remote control is very useful during vacations, and it’s even useful when you’re away at work. Remote control enables you to keep an eye on your home or business.

You can use it to turn off electronics or check in on the family pets. If you thought you didn’t need a security system, maybe this information will make you reconsider.