How to Increase Workplace Productivity

Workplace productivity is largely determined by the levels of employee motivation. Therefore, employers and business managers can use a combination of tangible and intangible morale drivers to optimize the output of their workers.

Make Employees Happy
Happier employees are usually more productive than unhappy employees. Employees who are happy about their job roles, co-workers, and company are usually more productive than those who are unhappy about certain aspects of their job. The main challenge for employers is identifying the factors that contribute to the collective happiness of their happiness in the workplace. Some of the perks that can enhance happiness at the workplace include free coffee and snacks, comfortable meeting rooms, and well designed break rooms.

Reduce Stress
Companies that are focused on strategic growth recognize the importance of helping employees reduce stress and personal life challenges to make them more efficient at work. One of the most common challenges, especially for working parents, is childcare. Many companies have onsite childcare facilities to give working parents peace of mind and free them up physically and mentally to perform optimally. You can also motivate you employees by encouraging them to take breaks regularly throughout the day rather than working 8 to 10 straight hours without much rest.

Offer Flexible Work Schedules
Today, companies are offering their employees with flexible work schedules to accommodate their individual preferences and habits. People who work remotely are usually more motivated than those who have to go to the office on a daily basis. Offer employees flex schedules so that they can start their days earlier or end their days later. Not all workers thrive on a 9am-6pm schedule; some people work better on a 10am to 8pm schedule.

Implement Effective Reward Systems
Although pay and benefits can attract some of the best talents in the job market, they do not necessarily produce the best results. Some employees are achievement-oriented and motivated by regular praise and publicized awards. Other employees are motivated by opportunities for training and development and traveling to a different location. Goal oriented employees are motivated by connecting monetary rewards to performance. Sales oriented companies can improve their productivity by rewarding employees with commissions for the sales they generate and bonuses for achieving certain levels of customer satisfaction.

The basic steps for improving workplace productivity include paying your employees well, treating them with respect, setting performance metrics, rewarding good performance, appreciating initiative, and valuing innovation. It is also important to undertake periodic assessments to better understand your employees’ working styles and motivating factors. In addition, encourage your employees to attend internal and external training programs so that they can grow with the organization. It is much easier to boost workplace productivity by making your employees feel that their contributions are valued.