How to Decide on a Wedding Gown Style

The most important day for you has to be your wedding day when all eyes will be on you and your soon-to-be spouse! While all eyes are on you the wedding dress you choose will be remembered for years to come in photos and deciding on the perfect one can be a challenge. From the style of your wedding to your individual style and size, we have some tips to help you decide the best wedding gown style to choose for your wedding day. To avoid getting overwhelmed by the process here’s some important tips to keep in mind.

What is your body type and style that blend well together?

On your wedding day you want to look and feel as beautiful as the dress. To ensure this take a look at your body in a full-length mirror and determine what body shape you are. Cristina DeMarco from Bridal Reflections reports in The Huffington Post,“Whether you’re busty, tall, pear-shaped or petite there is a silhouette for you!”

Which one of these body shapes best describes you: Apple, Busty, Hourglass, Pear, Petite, Rectangle, Small Bust, or Tall & Slender? Once you’ve decided which body shape best describes you look to Cristina’s guide for a full description of what style of dress will make you look gorgeous.

What style of wedding are you having? Trendy or Traditional?

Once you’ve determined what your body type is and what cut of wedding dress will flatter you, it’s time to consider the style of wedding you’re having. Do you want a traditional fairy-tale wedding with lots of ornate detailing, lace, ruffles and a long train? You may prefer to be spot-on with the modern trends and opt for a simply cut A-line dress with minimal details and fierce lines to show off your great legs you’ve worked so hard for! A great way to look through dress styles that are trending is to peruse through social media sites like Pinterest or Loverly for most pinned and loved dresses.

Sarah Ashley O’Brien from CNN Money’s article ‘Wedding dresses women want, backed by data’, says, “Loverly search data revealed that women want crop-top wedding ensembles.” Consider using these image crowd-sourcing sites to find dresses that are the most popular for your big day. Try making collections or boards to collect your ideas and then get opinions from your friends and family.

Your wedding day should be filled with magic and memories and choosing your wedding dress doesn’t have to be stressful. Use our helpful tips to pick the right dress for your body size and then customize the shape of the dress with your wedding style. Collect ideas on Pinterest or Loverly to help you narrow down you choices and then go try them on at your local wedding gown boutique. You never know, the dress you thought wouldn’t look good could be the one of your dreams once you try it on!