Gaming the eCard System: Chaining Rewards Together

Marketing for all companies continues to evolve, with each seeking to capture a customer for the present and give them a sense of empowerment that keeps them loyal to that company in the future. One method that’s surged in the past decade relates to the use of the e-card rewards system, since it helps drive traffic to a company website due to the added value that’s entwined with each visit.

Types of Rewards

There’s generally four types of rewards available to a customer: auto, open or loyalty rewards, or a simple discount card. With the auto rewards, the points gained will be dependent upon how many dollars were spent.

When it comes to open, the optimal time this will be in use will be on a special or a promotion set for a single day, and in the case of loyalty (or frequency) cards, how often purchases are made is the main determinant. The discount card is self-explanatory, though the percentage is usually not higher than 10 percent.

Virtually every major business, whether it’s retail or in the realm of dining, uses this component as an incentive to have a steady flow of business throughout the year. For customers, getting maximum benefit by finding a way to chain the rewards together is the best possible value that can come from its use.

The Value of Social Media

Social media has become a vital connection to any business marketing, so making sure to consider all major outlets beyond Facebook and Twitter can be a successful strategy for those customers. Generally, these don’t require a great deal of effort to contribute minor bits of information, which means entering information for just a few minutes per day can quickly boost rewards.


Using such rewards in conjunction with online coupons also speeds up the opportunity to use the collected points to obtain even better rewards.

Online Only

Taking advantage of offers that are online-only means that taking care of one order at the same time, instead of doing it in piecemeal fashion, results in a healthy saving of cash.

Awareness Needed

One important factor to remember with any e-card is that scams exist and usually pop up in conjunction with holidays, so make sure to pay attention to any e-card offers you might receive that, especially if they’re unsolicited.

No End in Sight

The continuing surge in popularity for this form of payment means that companies will keep offering more enticements to maintain this steady flow of business. Therefore, it makes sense to have some weapons in your arsenal to take advantage of that marketing.