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When you ship a package across town or across the nation, you want to make sure it arrives intact. What follows is an examination of three different types of shipping cartons along with a description of each and its specialized use. Standard Corrugated Cardboard Boxes Cardboard shipping cartons (boxes) are a type of container suitable for storing and protecting a wide range of consumer goods and industrial products while in transit. Shipping cartons can be manufactured from many different materials, but the vast majority of shipping cartons are made of corrugated fiberboard. Most of this… Read Article →

House Cleaning Can Be Difficult: Why Not Hire A Maid? Cleaning up is everyone’s least favorite job, but it’s simply got to be done. If you’ve ever had a house party or an event planned in your home, you know what the scramble is like when you’re trying to clean every nook and cranny before your guests arrive. The annoyance and time consumption of cleaning are enough to make a lot of people wonder why they don’t hire a maid. If you’re still on the fence about possibly hiring a maid to do some routine… Read Article →

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