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Donating used cars can be a tricky thing to deal with in that one often does not know the best options for getting rid of said car. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be a complicated process, and different options exist for different aims and purposes. This article will outline some of the different options for donating used cars. 1-800-Charity Cars 1-800-Charity Cars claims that they are the United States’ largest car donation charity. A breakdown of how cars donated their organization may be somewhat surprising to some: 33%, or a third, of all cars are… Read Article →

One of the first steps in the architectural design process relates to creating site plans and floor plans for the new structure that will be built. In some cases, this step will begin before the purchase of the land is finalized, and this will be to ensure that the building that is desired can be built on the land that is selected. Some will create a site plan first, and the floor planning stage will be completed as a secondary step. However, there are good reasons why these two planning steps should be completed together…. Read Article →

If most of the weddings you photograph are held at the same local venues, destination weddings are opportunities to spice up your portfolio. These weddings are often held in spectacular settings that allow you to capture natural backdrops for stunning images that you could never capture at a local church or park. If you want to combine travel with business, consider these tips for handling destination events professionally.   Get Specifics before Accepting the Job You may hear a bride say that she’s planning a wedding in the Caribbean or another exotic location that you would… Read Article →

Filing a personal bankruptcy petition should be a debtor’s last resort. Not only is doing so complicated, time-consuming, and for some, emotionally trying, it will wreck your credit rating for many years to come. It could even show up on a background check conducted by a prospective employer. Negotiate a Settlement It’s possible to negotiate a settlement on mortgage and auto loans, but because these are loans secured by the value of the home or car you purchased, the creditor can simply repossess the asset to recoup its costs. The lender might not want to… Read Article →

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