8 Pottery Painting Ideas to Try Out This Year

Pottery is a type of art that uses ceramic to create all sorts of items, like stoneware, tableware and artifacts. A lot of people adopt pottery as a hobby, while many have even turned it into a career. If you’re interested in starting out with pottery or you want to try out a new design, consider these eight ways to decorate your pottery projects.

1. Glaze your creation with a neutral shade and then paint on top of it. The glaze will turn out glossy and then the paint on top of it will be transparent. If you only want to paint a small section, the glaze will have taken care of the rest.

2. Homesthetics.com loves the idea of using simple dots to create a pattern. You can vary the dots or try to get them all to be the same size (although varying them will be a lot easier). Add colorful dots to white ceramic to create any type of pattern you want.

3. Do a wild design with several different colors of paint. Brush strokes or paint splatters can end up making a really nice looking piece.

4. Instead of painting darker paint on a lighter piece of pottery, start with terra cotta pottery and then paint lighter shades on it. You’ll give your pottery a bit of old world charm.

5. Hobby Lesson suggests trying your hand at freehand painting. You don’t always need to restrict your pottery designs – see what you come up with when you don’t have any guidelines.

6. If you don’t have strong painting skills but you want to create a specific image or design, cut out stencils. It’s super easy to put the stencil to the pottery and then paint within it. There are plenty of stencils you can print out online and craft stores also usually carry books of stencils or individual ones.

7. Mix a traditional art form with modern designs. For the most part, pottery is an ancient art form, but that doesn’t mean your designs have to be equally outdated. Paint your favorite video game character or a movie quote on the pottery to bring it up to this century.

8. If someone’s birthday is coming up, give them a customized piece of pottery with their name and the year. They’ll be able to hold onto it as a keepsake for years to come. Paint a traditional birthday image on the pottery, like balloons or a cake, or make it even more personalized with a picture that reflects one of their interests.

These tips are excellent to try out whether you make your pottery from scratch or you simply like decorating already-made pottery.