7 Ways to Improve Your Trade Show Display

Trade shows are vitally important for many industries. According to an article published by Forbes, trade shows have existed since the Middle Ages. The reason why is because they provide a great service to retailers. They allow them to find new products to sell.

However, if you don’t have a well designed trade show booth, you may not be able to get a retailer to pick up your products. Below are seven ways you can improve your trade show display.

1. Take Advantage of Lighting

Chances are the trade show floor will already be well lit. However, this shouldn’t stop you from taking advantage of lighting. If your display includes a tent or some structure attendees can enter, you certainly want to add some lighting to create attractive displays. Choose colorful LEDs to make a real visual impact. Using lightboxes to display graphics is another excellent choice.

2. Choose Signage that Pops

When designing trade booth signage, try to choose colors, imagery and text that can really pop on a crowded trade show floor. Make sure the text and images you use are easy to read and make out from far away. A great idea is to create a banner that can be hung high enough from your display that it can be seen all the way across the convention hall.

3. Give People a Place to Sit

Most trade show attendees spend hours upon hours on their feet. While you don’t want your own staff slacking off by sitting down, provide some seating to the attendees. When they’re taking a break, you can try to hook them in with a sales pitch. The simple fact you provide some place to sit can attract people to your booth.

4. Add Monitors

If you can, consider integrating monitors into your display. Showcase your products and company with video on a loop. This will grab the attention of trade show attendees who have only seen stationary displays on the convention floor.

5. Re-Think Your Counters

One of the most important components of a trade show booth is the counter. First, consider the shape of the counter. Implementing an S shape can give your booth a more interesting appearance and provide your staff with more space to talk to customers. Another good choice is to add strip lighting under the counter. This can make it really stand out.

6. Bribe the Attendees with Free Stuff

It’s no secret that trade show attendees don’t only want to check out the different booths. They also like to get free stuff. If you want to help convince the representative of a retailer to carry your product, there is nothing quite like providing a free sample. You can also provide merchandise printed with your company’s information like pens, key chains, fridge magnets, etc. Free cookies and coffee can go a long way too.

7. Focus on a Unique Visual Experience

Lastly, you should really attempt to create a unique display. With so many other mundane booths on the floor, you need to do something that sticks out. Sit down with a graphic designer and try to create a space that is original in its use of shapes, colors and overall attendee experience. However, as ABC News suggests, your design should have harmonious balance or it could end up being visually off-putting.