7 Things under $20 to consider for Hostess Gifts

Just about everyone likes to be invited to “THAT PARTY,” the one with the great food, wonderful conversation, well-selected wine and excellent company. If you want to be sure to be on the guest list next year, consider taking a thoughtful hostess gift. Although not a necessity these days, a small gift is sure to be well-received and appreciated by a hard-working host or hostess.

1. Something Local
If you’re coming from out of town, bring something your host or hostess can’t easily get in their own town. Think a coffee cake from a famous local bakery or a round of delicately aged cheese.

2. Kid or Pet Gifts
Always close to a parent or pet-owner’s heart, a thoughtful gift for their loved one is always appreciated. Kids love small toys, stuffed animals and coloring books while pets may enjoy a favorite treat.

3. Unique Picture Frames
Typically a home has more photos than frames to display them, so a one-of-a-kind picture frame is almost always appreciated. It’s helpful to know the host or hostess’s style of decor when purchasing, so that you don’t gift an ornate, gold frame to someone who prefers clean, modern lines.

4. Personalized Wine Bottle Stopper
A stopper or two representing a favorite hobby or one with a monogram is a practical and beautiful gift. Most likely, it will be put to immediate use by the host or host after the party ends.

5. Candles
Nothing sets the mood like candlelight, so surprise your hostess with a set of elegant, tapered beeswax candles. A collection of luminescent, mercury glass votives with scentless candles makes for a wonderful addition to a centerpiece or mantel. You could also opt for one of the season’s scented candles to add to an atmosphere of Christmas spirit. Whatever you decide, it’s hard to go wrong considering all of the incredible styles and scents on the market.

6. Apron
Every hostess wants to protect her outfit but look darling while prepping for the party. A vintage-inspired apron is a cute, cost-effective and classic choice that is sure to be appreciated. For the host, consider a heavy-duty canvas apron that can do double duty in the kitchen or around the barbecue.

7. Mason Jars
Whether it’s mason jars filled with jams, jellies or specialty candies, clear ones with handles, lids and straws or colorful mini jars, you can’t go wrong with a mason jar gift this year. A bonus is that if they’re filled with a treat, they’re perfect for re-purposing as votive holders, table centerpieces and more.

Even if you know you’ll need a gift for a party’s host or hostess this year, it might be a good idea to purchase several. You never know when the next invitation might arrive, and being prepared means that you don’t ever have to arrive empty-handed. And, who knows? You just may be invited back next year!