6 Amazing Low Cost Ideas that Spruce Up Any Home

Sometimes you want to spruce up your home without spending a lot of money to do so. Updating the style of your house every now and then is refreshing, and finding some low cost ways to do this lets you revamp your home on a regular basis. While working on a budget, CNN suggests you start with what you have and work from there. Enhance the beautiful features your house currently has with some budget friendly tips.

1. Hang Plates on the Wall

Plates in a variety of unexpected colors bring a fresh new look to any wall arrangement. Using matching colors within a family and varying sizes and textures of plates can bring a new twist to a room. Plates can often be found at yard sales or consignment stores, and are not typically very expensive. Just attach a wire to the back of the plate and hang on the wall with a nail.

2. Use Natural Decorations

Use natural items found outside such as shells, pine cones, driftwood, and other beach or forest items to warm up a room. This will create a rustic and relaxed feel to the home that is welcoming to guests. The Huffington Post also suggests making decorations out of beach items, like a wind chime out of a starfish. Using sea glass, and driftwood as well to create a decorative wind chime brings a beachy breeze to any front porch.

3. Fake a Headboard

Beds and headboards can be very expensive. An easy way to get around this while still having the look of a headboard is to create one yourself. This is an easy paint project. You can paint a faux headboard by just using tape to mark the areas on the wall where the headboard would be, and fill it in with any creative paints that suit your room.

4. Cluster Candles

Candles look beautiful when used in a bunch, especially on a large surface. Using larger candles on a larger surface is appropriate, such as a coffee table. Grouping four or five pillar candles together looks classy, especially if they are of different heights, yet the same color family. These can be placed in inexpensive glass containers.

5. Repurpose Furniture

An old chair that may not be sturdy enough to sit in can be given new life as a small side table. This is a creative and rustic way to give your home a unique feel. Have an old small table that has become stained with rings from glasses? Put it in the corner with a beautiful arrangement of flowers on it.

6. Use More Color

Perk up a room with vibrant colors from nature. This can be seasonal, during the Holiday season, use red berries that you find outside, use orange leaves in the fall months, and spring flowers when the frost melts away. Even just some sprigs of fresh tree leaves or a lonely blue egg that fell from a bird’s nest. There are so many colors in nature that can be brought into a room to liven it up a bit.