5 Key Steps to Follow When Using An Atomizer

Personal atomizers are perhaps the most convenient way to enjoy premium flavored e-liquids. Electronic cigarettes have evolved greatly over the years, and the technology available now is leaps and bounds ahead of where it started. The customization possible through these devices is absolutely incredible, and the number of upgradeable components on the market allow for unlimited combinations. No matter how advanced your personal atomizer might be you’ll still need to follow certain steps to deliver the maximum potential from your device. Below is a list of several things to remember when using an atomizer.

1. Fully Charge the Battery

One of the most important components of your atomizer is the battery. The strength of your battery has a great effect on the amount of vapor your device can produce. In order to achieve maximum utility from your atomizer you must fully charge the battery before each use. This will guarantee strong hits and a longer overall battery life. If your device has a removable battery it is recommended that you carry backups with you.

2. Load the Tank

Depending on your level of use you may need to clean the tank before loading it, especially if it hasn’t been recently used. Regularly cleaning the tank will prevent the build up of residue and keep your hits smooth and flavorful. Loading the tank usually only involves dripping your favorite e-liquid into a small glass or stainless steel reservoir that then seals and attaches to the battery. Be careful not to overfill your tank as that can lead to leaking.

3. Attach all Components

When fully disassembled a modern atomizer will have several distinct parts, including the tank, the battery, the mouthpiece, and in some cases other additional accessories. The standard 510 threading most vaporizer components use will work with any other compatible parts. Once you have all the components you can assemble the device by attaching the battery to the tank and the tank to the mouthpiece.

4. Adjust Settings

Many advanced atomizers allow the user to control certain aspects of the vaporizing experience, like temperature and wattage. Your e-liquids might atomize better at certain settings, so adjust them to your personal preference and enjoy the full flavor of your liquids. The style of tank you use will determine what settings should be used as well, so test your device for optimum efficiency.

5. Inhale Deeply

Cigarette smokers often draw in a fashion known as ‘ghost hitting’. This involves inhaling the smoke into your mouth and holding it there instead of inhaling directly into the lungs. While this arguably enhances the enjoyment of cigarette smoke it does not have the same effect with an atomizer. The tremendous clouds that these devices can produce are impressive enough on their own, so ghost hitting only tends to make each draw shorter since the mouth fills before the lungs. If the temperature setting on your device is such that you can’t stand a long draw without coughing then you should consider lowering the setting to a more tolerable level.