3 Simple Ways to Save More Energy at Home This Month

These small changes and ideas can go a long way towards saving you energy and money this month in your home. You don’t have to take on big tasks or large remodeling efforts to save energy and improve the efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling system.

Unplug Appliances
While one or two appliances like a toaster or a coffee pot aren’t going to eat a lot of power when they’re not in use, a television and computer will consume more power. When all these appliances are plugged in, it could sabotage your energy conservation efforts. It’ll cost you more each month with the various devices and appliances that are plugged into the home’s outlets. You can save money by unplugging the television when it’s not in use along with the DVD player, desktop computer, laptop, toaster and coffee maker. If you are using your laptop throughout the day, you can save energy by using a USB Eco Button that will power the laptop to sleep mode while not in use. This works if you have to step away for a phone call, but don’t want to completely shut down the device.

Furniture and Decor
The place where you keep your furniture can impact whether you get enough heat into your home. You’re wasting energy if you turn up the thermostat when all you have to do is unblock some of your vents. Keep couches, armchairs and curtains from blocking air vents. Bare floors can allow the cold air from a basement to transfer into the main living area of the home. Cover the floor with area rugs to keep the cold air from seeping into the house. When the sun is shining, it helps to keep the drapes open to let the warmth of the sun heat the home during the day. That will help reduce heating costs and wasted energy.

One of the biggest things you can do to improve the energy usage in the home is to make sure that heating and cooling isn’t escaping out of the windows and doors. Insulation goes a long way towards making sure that heat and cooling isn’t lost through the walls of the home too. Energy.gov has suggestions for the types of insulation you should use in your home depending on where you need it. Another way to help keep energy consumption down is to make sure windowsills and doorways are sealed to reduce heating and cooling loss. If you have a heating leak, you’ll spend more energy and money to heat the space.

Aside from the insulation efforts, which could be time consuming, moving furniture, unplugging appliances and sealing cracks are simple ways to save energy as well as money each month. The changes will help you improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems.